[Samba] Windows XP Pro accessing Network Shares

Nathan Hill cmsu_tech at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 7 08:37:03 GMT 2002

I apologize if my topic is a little off the subject. 
I am looking at a very peculiar problem that we are
having with Windows XP Pro.  We are currently running
an NT Domain.  In this NT domain we have both NT 4.0
sp6 and Samba file servers.  A Windows XP Pro machine
that is a member of the domain opens a connection to
any of the file servers (NT or Linux) and opens a file
with no problem.  The same XP Pro machine opens  an
additional file from the same file server.  When this
second file is opened, instead of using the existing
connection to the server, it opens a new
connnection/session, like it was a different machine
connecting to the file server.  Windows is supposed to
use the the same session/connection, but instead it is
opening a new one.  Does anyone have any idea why this
is happening? 
Nathan Hill

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