[Samba] still winbind! plz...

Antonio Nikolic antonio.nikolic at ibk-consult-gmbh.de
Wed Aug 7 01:24:03 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

I still have trouble gettin' winbind running correctly and as time
passes by and all documentation and mailing lists have been read,
things are getting really urgent...

I think i should abstract the problem to the mininmun:
  winbind is up and running,
  wbinfo -u works,
  getenv password works,
  wbinfo -t states that
--->  Secret is bad
  and winbind-logfile says to check the machineaccount,
  samba-logfile comments my attempt to access a share as follows:
  "could not fetch trust account password for domain xy"

  Server is a Windows2000 Advanced one..
  machine account from the samba-server is visible in "Computers"
  after having successfully joined the domain.

  I tried several setups with
  2.2.5, 2.2.4 (selfcompiled)
  and 2.2.3a (debian-sid package)
  everytime the same. So I guess something with the configuration is
  missing; perhaps I have to make changes in the W2k-Server

Now - is there anybody out there, who knows how to solve this one?
I've been around several mailing lists and everyone's just asking this
kind of question about trust-account, but noone got answers...


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