[Samba] Samba 2.2.5 don't compile with-smbwrapper and enable-cups params

rus_ugleg at sakhalinsvyaz.ru rus_ugleg at sakhalinsvyaz.ru
Wed Aug 7 00:17:16 GMT 2002

Hello all.

I use:
# ./configure --prefix=/some/dir --enable-cups --with-smbwrapper ...
# make
Compiling smbwrapper/wrapped.c with -fPIC
Using LIBS = -lcups -lssl -lcrypto -lcrypt -lpam -lpopt
Linking shared library bin/smbwrapper.so
/usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -lcups
*** Error code 1

Stop in /root/work/src/other/samba-2.2.5/source.

My system is FreeBSD 4.4-RELEASE

Please help.
Thanks! (sorry for my bad english)

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