[Samba] Samba and *groan* Windows XP Home problems!

Jay Ts jay at jayts.cx
Tue Aug 6 14:32:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 02:59:04PM -0400, Chris Smith wrote:
> > 	[global]
> > 		security = user
> This shouldn't be necessary. Even though XP Home cannot participate in
> the domain like its NT cousin's neither can the 3.x or 9x/ME line yet
> all should be able to use a properly setup share with the correct
> username/password combo.

Please correct me if you are sure I'm wrong, but what I read previously
-- IIRC -- is that XP Home isn't even as good as Windows 95/98/Me at
authenticating in a Windows NT domain environment.

Unfortunately, I don't have XP Home here, just the Pro version, so
I haven't been able to study this.

> I'm guessing (truly) the main problem is the "username = andyw" line for
> the share in smb.conf.

Yes, that parameter is not meant for general use.  There are cases where
the username on the local Windows system needs to be different from
that used to authenticate through Samba.  For those, other methods
should be used, such as (I think) the "username map" option.  Or
maybe winbind.

Or maybe he really meant to use the "valid users" parameter. (?)
Sorry, I already deleted his smb.conf, and can't refer to it.

> The security mode should already be set to "user" (the default) and I
> believe this is necessary for Samba to act as a PDC so it shouldn't be
> changed.

Yes, you are right.  But I wanted to make it explicit, to include
along with the security = share possibility.  The main think making
Samba a PDC is the "domain logons = yes" line.  (Although other
parameters are involved as well.)

Jay Ts
jay at jayts.cx

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