[Samba] Uploading Printer Drivers with XP

Glover George dime at gulfsales.com
Tue Aug 6 07:15:02 GMT 2002

Well, I am connected as dime and the config file says both :

printer admin  = dime
domain admin user = dime

Did I miss something here?  Cause it's still giving me permission
I even tried steting 777 on the /home/samba/printers directory and all
the sub directories under it.  Some people tell me it shouldn't ask for
the local driver, just the model, but it does, and I'm getting
permission denied's.  Any help would be appreciated.

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On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Glover George wrote:

> I have a hopefully simple question (although my previous questions I
> thought were simple received no responses.lol).
> I am trying to get the automatic printer driver downloading working.
> followed all the instructions, but I'm still having some problems.
> When I get to adding the printer driver by navigating to the printer
> share (print$) and selecting properties on the printer, then doing the
> add new driver, it asks me for the printer model, and I tell it and
> click finish then it wants me to specify  where the driver is locally.

This doesn't sound right.

> I don't have a local printer driver, and was wondering how I tell it
> use the driver windows has built in (this is possible isn't it?).
> Basically, where in Windows XP should I be looking for my HP LaserJet
> Plus 's driver?
> I am also wondering why the docs say I will see a Add Printer Wizard
> the printers share when logged in as a printer admin and a domain
> but I don't see it.    Can someone explain this?  

'cause you are no connected as a user that smbd believes in either 
(a) root, or (b) a printer admin.

cheers, jerry
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