[Samba] winbind trouble...

Antonio Nikolic tony.n at web.de
Tue Aug 6 02:51:02 GMT 2002

Hi again,

thanx Jeremy, the pam-devel package was missing to compile pam_winbind... it was tooo obvious  :-(

After my 5th day trying to get samba to talk to my W2k-Server, I still have problems!

I just want samba to do authentication with the w2k-server's help and without unix-useraccounts.
So far, winbind is up and running, and fter have the user switched to Administrator with wbinfo -A....%.... wbinfo -u or -g and getent passwd and group are working fine.

But if I do a "smbclient //localmachine/share -U domaintester" or "smbclient //localmachine/share -U 
d30167-hannover.ibk+domaintester" I get the error saying "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE"

in log.winbindd I find:
[12174]: getpwnam D30167-HANNOVER.IBK+DOMAINTESTER
[12174]: getpwnam d30167-hannover.ibk+domaintester
[12174]: getpwnam d30167-hannover.ibk+domaintester
[12174]: getpwnam d30167-hannover.ibk+domaintester

smblog.domaintester states:
unable to open passdb database.              <------which passdb does it mean???!?!
Couldn't find user 'd30167-hannover.ibk+domaintester' in passdb.
Rejecting user 'd30167-hannover.ibk+domaintester': authentication failed
error string = No such file or directory
error packet at smbd/reply.c(1000) cmd=115 (SMBsesssetupX) NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
end of file from client
setting sec ctx (0, 0) - sec_ctx_stack_ndx = 0
Closing connections
Yielding connection to 
Server exit (normal exit)

wbinfo -t says that
Secret is bad

but I joined the Domain successfully and the samba-server is listed in "Computers" on the w2k-server!

What am I missing? If I am not completely wrong, samba should do without pam_winbind working.
Any hints? If I won't get it running this week, I'll jump out of the window!! Really!!!! (okay, it's not tooo high though   ;-)  )

thank you

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