[Samba] Samba tries to contact external IP ?

Andreas Moroder andreas.moroder at sb-brixen.it
Tue Aug 6 00:29:04 GMT 2002


our firewall warns me that our server where samba  2.2.3 pre  runs, tries at
random intervals to contact a machine at Because the ports are
445 and 139 I think it must be smbd or nmbd that sends this packets.

In smb.conf I find no entry with this address.

Can anyone explain me why ( and if ) samba does this ?

Thank you very much

Andreas Moroder

P.S. If possible please answer also direct via e-mail

Dr. Andreas Moroder
Sanitätsbetrieb Brixen - Azienda Sanitaria di Bressanone
   www.sb-brixen.it    -      www.as-bressanone.it

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