[Samba] Has anyone seen this before?

Nathan Ehresman nehresma at css.tayloru.edu
Mon Aug 5 14:41:03 GMT 2002

yes, i have run into something very similar this too with an HP4050 - 
from Word 97.  my experience was with a document that had a textbox in 
it with a border and several paragraphs of text inside the box.  the 
border printed fine on all 4 sides as did most of the text inside the 
box but one of the lines of text was just flat out chopped off in mid 
sentence - with the last character that was printed only being half 
there (the right side of the character and every word after it was 
simply not printed).  same document printed fine to another HP4050 on an 
identical samba box (samba and lprng config copied from one machine to 
the other with changes to computer and printer names as necessary).  wierd.

if you find out what causes this, i would definately be interested in 
hearing from you.

Nathan Ehresman

Larry Engleman wrote:
> I'm using samba and cups to allow NT/2k machines to print to an HP LaserJet
> 4000N printer.  The printer works fine except for one in house program.  In
> this one program, all the horizontal lines that should be printed are
> missing.  Originally I thought this was a driver problem, but today, for no
> apparent reason, it started printing the horizontal lines... but only for
> the first page of each print out!  So I'm generally confused.  It still
> might be a driver problem.  I'm going to try the PCL 6 drivers and see if it
> works with those, even though the PCL 6 drivers are 50 times slower.  Just
> wanted to see if anyone has run across this before.
>>-Larry Engleman
>>The Burgiss Group

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