[Samba] Printing: most printers work, one doesn't?

Christopher Swingley cswingle at iarc.uaf.edu
Mon Aug 5 12:22:02 GMT 2002


I have several printers set up on my samba server and all of them work.
The printers are all being served by a CUPS server.  Recently one of
them was ruined (someone loaded the wrong type of transparency paper)
and I temporarily replaced it with a deskjet printer connected to a
Linux host running CUPS.  The main CUPS server points to the secondary
CUPS server that has the printer connected to it.  Printing works
famously from my Linux clients.

I managed to get W2K to add the new printer drivers to the $print
share, used "rpcclient 'setdriver'" to link the printer driver to
the printer share, and now my Windows clients can now see (and can
install) the printer.  When I use 'smbclient -P' and the 'print'
command from another Linux machine, everything works fine and samba ->
CUPS on the server -> CUPS on the host -> deskjet prints the file.
The Windows clients (W2K) show 'Ready' as the printer status.

When I try to print something from a W2K machine, Windows seems to
think everything is fine, but the job never comes out.  No error
messages appear on the Windows machines, but nothing ever happens.
None of the log files (/var/log/samba/log.smbd, /var/log/cups/page_log,
/var/log/cups/error_log) show anything related to the job.  It's like
the job disappears.  But at the same time, all my other printers
(the previously configured ones) work just fine from Windows.

The FAQ and other documents mention a variety of permission issues
relating to the spool directory and the share, but since all of these
permissions are shared by all the printers in the [printers] share, I'm
confused about how some printers can work and other one doesn't.

Any thoughts, or ideas on how to diagnose this?  It's driving me nuts!


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