[Samba] smbsh: as root ls works, cd does not!

Phil Miesle mieslep at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 10:07:04 GMT 2002


I'm trying to configure a Samba client on Solaris 2.8.
 I've compiled it cleanly, doing

   ./configure --with-smbwrappers
   make clean
   make install

I've then set up my smb.conf file such that smbclient
works fine.

I'm now trying to get smbsh to work.  It does, to a
point.  I can do an "ls /smb" and get a listing of the
domains.  I can also successfully do an "ls
/smb/WORKGROUP/pcserver/data" and get a listing of
files on the "data" share.

However, when I try to "cd" to
/smb/WORKGROUP/pcserver/data, I get an error 
"/smb/WORKGROUP/pcserver/data: does not exist".

Strangely (to me), this happens only when I'm root. 
If I'm signed in as a non-root user, the cd succeeds
(I'm using the same NT credentials in both cases).

Any idea about why this is the case?  I'd really
prefer to be able to access these volumes as the root


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