[Samba] Trying to debug a WinXP - Win2000 ADSproblem..HELP!

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Mon Aug 5 09:28:02 GMT 2002

At 11:17 AM 8/5/02 -0500, Ladner, Eric (Eric.Ladner) wrote:
>Note that vuser->homes_snum is -1 for him, but not for me.  Also,
>it thinks homes is a regular share for him, but a special share
>for me?  Where does homes_snum get set?  How could it be getting
>set wrong for this user?

Not sure about the technicalities, but I'm guessing that this is a problem 
with his login.  Maybe he's using Microsoft Family Logon rather than 
logging onto the domain?

>We are both mapped to users in the users map file - I'm mapped
>to planning, he's mapped to rsc..

is rsc a valid account?

>I'm getting close folks, I just need a little help!



Martyn Ranyard

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