[Samba] samba pdc and winbindd on same server?

Drash, Jim [NCSUS] JDrash at EESUS.JNJ.com
Mon Aug 5 06:22:01 GMT 2002

If this question has been asked and answered, I am sorry  but I searched and
could not find it.

Is it possible to have a samba PDC on the same server as a winbindd pointing
to that samba PDC.  The reason I want to do this is that I want the
capability winbindd provides for a single sign on for things UNIX and the
samba PDC for all things Windows.  I don't want to have to run two boxes (if
I don't have to) to get these functions.

In debug mode winbindd says "Could not connect to a dc for domain MYDOMAIN"

Please be advised I am running samba 2.2.3a

thanks in advance,
jim drash

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