[Samba] cannot compile pam_winbind

Antonio Nikolic antonio.nikolic at ibk-consult-gmbh.de
Mon Aug 5 04:44:02 GMT 2002

Hi everybody.

I am trying to set up winbind (2.2.4; debian) but if I do configure with these options
I get the following errormessage:

#! /bin/sh

./configure \
    --with-swatdir=/usr/share/swat \
    --prefix=/usr \
    --bindir=/usr/bin \
    --sbindir=/usr/sbin \
    --exec-prefix=/usr \
    --infodir=/usr/share/info \
    --mandir=/usr/share/man \
    --localstatedir=/var \
    --with-lockdir=/var/lock/samba \
    --with-configdir=/etc/samba \
    --with-privatedir=/etc/samba \
    --with-codepagedir=/etc/samba/codepages \
    --with-sambabook=/usr/share/swat/using_samba \
    --with-quotas \
    --with-smbmount \
    --with-smbwrapper \
    --with-automount \
    --with-pam \

checking for two-argument statfs with statfs.fsize member (4.4BSD and NetBSD)... no
checking for two-argument statfs with struct fs_data (Ultrix)... no
checking if large file support can be enabled... yes
checking whether to support ACLs... no
checking whether to build winbind... yes
checking whether or not getgroups returns EGID too many times... yes
checking for poptGetContext in -lpopt... no
checking whether to use included popt... ./popt
checking configure summary... configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config


I already tried some other additional parameters (like 'included popt'
and 'tdbsam' or 'ldapsam') but also without
success. Unfortunateley I've got no time to browse through the
archives and all infos on google did not help really.

So, does anyone know how to get rid of this error and get samba
configured? Without the "--with-pam" set, everything works fine!!

BYTW: I cannot figure out which files in /etc/pam.d/ I should edit (if
I should finally get it compiled). All of them? Or just the "login"
and "others"? I have seen a solution suggesting a new file, named
"samba". Is this right? If not, should I really replace the entries in
given in the existing files? I doubt normal login would then still

Thanx a lot


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