[Samba] Samba 2.2.5 and wrong rights after relogin

dietmarhummel at t-online.de dietmarhummel at t-online.de
Mon Aug 5 04:12:02 GMT 2002


I have a little problem with the rights in samba 2.2.5
(self compiled) on linux 2.4.18. The samba-server is
emulating a nt4-pdc. This works so far...
But after relogins users have rights they should not have..

Snippet of my smb.conf:


    ; the directory is owned by user admin.admin and has 0777-unixrights
    path = /data/neutest

    ; users which should not be able to use the share at all
    invalid users = @students

    ; users which may read (implicit given)
    read list = @users

    ; users which may write
    write list = @teacher

    ; my idea was, to have maximum unixrights and do all the
    ; rights-checking by samba
    force create mode = 0777
    force directory mode = 0777


For the test i use the following users/groups:
t       in group teacher
s       in group student
u       in group user
Every user is only in the one group mentioned.

The problem can now be checked as follows:

- s logs in. I check the rights in Network Neighbourhood, he is disallowed 
-> OK

- s is logging off

- directly after that, u logs in, the same check, he can only read -> OK

- u is logging off

- directly after that, t logs in, the same check, he can read and write -> 

- t is logging off

- directly after that, u logs in again, the same check, he can read AND 
  (files written by him are owned by him!)

after waiting some minutes (in logged in state) or rebooting the client, 
all is working correct.
Oh i forgot, the testmachine ist an NT4WS SP6a.

I checked all the documentation i could get perhaps there is a 
smb.conf-parameter or
a registry-key to prevent this behaviour. But i couldn´t find anything :-(
(the using samba book included in the documentation mentioned a parameter 
 but it seems this is obsolete, testparm doesnt like it)

Thanks for your help

dietmarhummel at otelo-online.de

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