[Samba] Saving & Upgrading Samba domain data.

Hesham S. Ahmed zlinux2002 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 5 03:12:02 GMT 2002

Yes if you backup the /etc/samba directory and restore
it to a newly installed samba you'll get your settings
back. Specifically you need the following files

smbpasswd - All user account info
MACHINE.SID - SID of the machine
secrets.tdb - Domain SID's and other stuff
smb.conf - configuration file (ofcourse)
lmhosts - only if using static hostname resolution
any user map files
any login scripts

This is if you are NOT using LDAP for storing user
info or you have backup ldap databases and
configuration files as well. 


--- Ronen Baram <ronen_b at coreflow.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Samba 2.2.2 on RH 7.1 as PDC.
> Anybody knows how to save the data of the samba so
> that if the hardware fails and I would have to
> install Linux and Samba on a new machine, the Samba
> would continue working as is.
> I mean, if I save the /etc/samba directory does the
> SID stays and all the Win2K & WinXP would see the
> "same" PDC (without the need to dis-join and re-join
> it)? Or there are more that I have to save?
> Would the domain would "look" the same even when
> it's a new machine, with newer OS and new Samba
> version?

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