[Samba] "Denied Access" when using APW?????? HELP!!!!

Jason Corekin crazy_j_c at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 20:38:01 GMT 2002

I just noticed that I did not have an and addprinter command and that the
documentation does state that my error will be produced when you try to use
the APW without a valid addprinter command.  However, my printer had already
been created in my printcap, and I am only a novice at writing shell
scripts.  How could I write a valid addprinter command that would handle my

I am still trying to determine if once I get the printer installed with
drivers, whether the drivers will even work in this configuration.  Based on
reading some older mail archives, I think that there might be a fundamental
incompatibility with running the HP drivers as shared drivers off of any
print server.  I am actually going to try to contact the driver developer
and see what they say.  ( I actually work for HP as an intern, so I may have
access to the internal channels.) The strange thing is that from what I have
read the possible incompatibility has to do with the printer drivers needing
bi-directional communication directly with the printer.  That is fine, but
if that is the case why do they explicitly work when run individually on
each client?  Shouldn't that break the driver also?

Thanks for all of the help

Jason Corekin

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> > Nope I just checked and the permissions on the printcap are set such
> > root and the group printadm are able to read, write, and execute them.
> > user is both in the printadm group and is in the samba admin list in
> > smb.conf.  Looking at the logs I get every indication that I am properly
> > mapping to root when I come through samba.
> Well it's odd that you're getting Access Denied for anything as root. If
> really are logged in as root then it can't really be a file permissions
> issue, so it's more like a software based access issue, like samba isnt
> mapping you to root correctly.
> >     On a different note, after I manually created and attached the
> drivers,
> > I found that when I connect to the printer from Windows and try to open
> the
> > properties menu for this printer a protection fault.  This is an HP
> > printer.  When I use client side drivers, everything works fine.  Why
> would
> > putting the drivers onto the server make such a difference?
> It shouldn't do. Are the drivers signed by MS or not? I have had some
> problems with the XP print spooler crashing when I went to properties on a
> printer with unsigned HP drivers. In the end I just used Windows' built in
> ones.
> Don't know if this will be any help but here's my print$ definition from
> smb.conf:
> [print$]
>         path = /var/printers
>         admin users = @"Domain Admins" root @lp
>         guest ok = Yes
>         create mask = 0644
>         create mask = 0755
>         write list = @lp root @"Domain Admins"
> I've also got: printer admin = @"Domain Admins" root @lp
> Permissions on /var/printers are 755 root:root
> Permissions on /var/printers/W32x86 are 755 root:users
> Samba 2.2.5, no patches, RH7.2, LPRng 3.8.12-1
> Phil.
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