[Samba] Posix locking question

litnimax litnimax at fromru.com
Sun Aug 4 11:47:03 GMT 2002

Sorry for disturbing, but nobody could answer me.
I use samba-2.2.5 from sources and Linux RedHat 7.2.
I use dosemu-1.1.3 from sources to allow users to 
telnet to server and run foxpro 2.6 in dosemu.
Network users via samba and local via dosemu should 
access the same database simultaneosly; but samba does 
not lock files!
Dosemu users see each other locks, and samba users see 
each other locks, but dosemu user does not see samba 
I run foxpro in Microsoft Dos 7.0 and do:
set exclusive on
use my.dbf
Lsof (list open files) program shows that file is open 
read-write (u) and is not locked! But when I do it in 
dosemu, lsof tells file is locked! (uw).
smb.conf is default from 2.2.5 distribution, Posix 
locking that should locks the file is on, but o use.
Tell me please if this is normal and what then "Posix 
locking" mean????

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