[Samba] "Denied Access" when using APW?????? HELP!!!!

Jason Corekin crazy_j_c at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 02:57:02 GMT 2002

Nope I just checked and the permissions on the printcap are set such that
root and the group printadm are able to read, write, and execute them.  My
user is both in the printadm group and is in the samba admin list in
smb.conf.  Looking at the logs I get every indication that I am properly
mapping to root when I come through samba.

    Yes I did realize that I could create the printer manually and the us
rpcclient to attach the driver.  However I'm trying to build this up so that
our normal IT manager can pick it up and manage it with minimum effort.
Seeing as he is used to Windows NT, (if at all possible) for him to be able
to use the Windows interfaces to manage this box.

    On a different note, after I manually created and attached the drivers,
I found that when I connect to the printer from Windows and try to open the
properties menu for this printer a protection fault.  This is an HP CP1700
printer.  When I use client side drivers, everything works fine.  Why would
putting the drivers onto the server make such a difference?

Thanks for the help.

Jason Corekin
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To: "Jason Corekin" <crazy_j_c at hotmail.com>
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Subject: Re: [Samba] "Denied Access" when using APW?????? HELP!!!!

> > <snip Access denied, APW>
> > PS Please help me ASAP, I have been working day and night on this =
> > project for almost three weeks.  If I can make this work everything will
> > be perfect, otherwise the box may go back to NT.
> You could just add the printers to printcap and smb.conf manually for the
> time being then.
> Could the Access Denied be related to printcap or anything like that?
> if you're using the APW, then Samba will have to make some changes to it,
> and restart lpd/create a queue, etc.
> Phil

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