[Samba] "Denied Access" when using APW?????? HELP!!!!

Jason Corekin crazy_j_c at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 4 01:39:02 GMT 2002

I know that I have been posting WAY too frequently, but know one has answered my pleas with anything that helped.  No matter how I try to use the RPC calls, whenever I try to add a new printer to a my Samba 2.2.5 server I get an "access denied" error.  I am running on RH 7.3 and have patch everything including Samba with the patches from Jerry's patch folder.  My user has full permissions on both the machine and in smb.conf. I'm even mapping in as root since I am in the admin users list in smb.conf.  If I am root how is it possible that I am denied access from doing ANYTHING on that is local to this box?

A very confused and flustered

Jason Corekin

PS Please help me ASAP, I have been working day and night on this project for almost three weeks.  If I can make this work everything will be perfect, otherwise the box may go back to NT.
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