[Samba] Uploading Printer Drivers with XP

Glover George dime at gulfsales.com
Sat Aug 3 10:52:02 GMT 2002

I have a hopefully simple question (although my previous questions I
thought were simple received no responses.lol).
I am trying to get the automatic printer driver downloading working.  I
followed all the instructions, but I'm still having some problems.
When I get to adding the printer driver by navigating to the printer
share (print$) and selecting properties on the printer, then doing the
add new driver, it asks me for the printer model, and I tell it and
click finish then it wants me to specify  where the driver is locally.
I don't have a local printer driver, and was wondering how I tell it to
use the driver windows has built in (this is possible isn't it?).
Basically, where in Windows XP should I be looking for my HP LaserJet 4M
Plus 's driver?
I am also wondering why the docs say I will see a Add Printer Wizard in
the printers share when logged in as a printer admin and a domain admin,
but I don't see it.    Can someone explain this?  
Can someone PLEASE tell me or show me where to find out about what these
printing bugs are with 2.2.5?  
Thanks A lot!
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