[Samba] Password Expiration when using LDAP

Hesham S. Ahmed zlinux2002 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 3 04:14:02 GMT 2002


We are planning to move all of our win2k server
(currenty around 50!) alongwith AD to Linux, we are
planning to use LDAP based samba domain controllers
for authentication and file/print serving. We are
doing a pilot and things are fine till now, just one
simple problem, what should we do with our password
policy, we have three restrictions relating passwords

minimum password length
password expiration
password history (so users cant reuse old password for
some time)

AFAIK samba 2.2.5 PDC doesn't support any of these. I
was thinking if there is any way to implement these
restrictions at LDAP level, I mean adding a few
attributes stroring password change dates and checking
for expiration interval by using maybe a cron job that
checks the no. of days elapsed.... or should I rather

Does HEAD supports these features, my company wouldn't
mind using HEAD in production!!! as most of our
business is dependent on Lotus Domino which is in no
way dependent on NT PDC functionality.


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