[Samba] WINDOWS Security on a share

White, Janet L. JWhite at kforce.com
Fri Aug 2 13:35:02 GMT 2002

Is it possible to use the Windows security   on a Samba share which resides
on a Unix server which is a MEMBER of a  W2K domain ?? I am unable to make
the unix server a PDC due to restrictions in the company. I have 27 users
with different accesses to the same directories/files and I am trying to
avoid a monster smb.conf file. I am running 2.2.5  on an HPUX 11 w/o winbind
(users have unix access, but /bin/false for application reasons. Samba was
configured with winbind but have it turned off. Some day they will allow
pam.auth :-).  I was wondering if I could just open the properties on the
share from W2K and click the little boxes.  Thank you for your time.
Janet White
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