[Samba] CD-RW Sharing

jimgoode at quixnet.net jimgoode at quixnet.net
Fri Aug 2 08:51:02 GMT 2002

I am trying to share a CD-RW from the samba server (SuSE Linux 7.3, kernel
2.4.10) using Samba that came with the distribution.

I am using user level sharing and have successfully shared out disk shares
with both r and rw access. I can also access the CD-ROM and CD-RW in read
mode and even do an installation from the CD-ROM to a client.

When I try to create a CD using CD-RW, I get the following error while
trying to save Image.ISO:
Cannot access this file.
Check security privileges over the network drive.

Any suggestions on what I may have missed regarding security?

PS - I have also noticed that the "root preexec mount ..." command in the
smb.conf works but that the "root postexec umount ..." command does not.
Any suggestions?


jimgoode at quixnet.net

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