[Samba] NetBIOS problems in presence of audio stream?

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Fri Aug 2 08:34:02 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-08-01 at 17:54, James Austin wrote:
> 1. Does Samba have problems in the presence of network congestion?

It, or anything else for that matter, may, especially if name resolution
is only being done via broadcasts.

> 2. Are there any tuning tips for nmbd?

You may want to examine the "lm announce" and "lm interval" global
parameters. They may possibly help out in this situation.

But the main thing is to make sure you have proper NetBIOS name
resolution. Best, by far, is a WINS server, next (and last) is using
lmhosts files. Using a WINS server pretty much automates everything.
When using lmhosts files every system needs a copy which you must keep
updated if anything changes (IP addresses, adding a new system, etc.).
You didn't mention how you were handling NetBIOS name resolution.

See http://www.realcomputerguy.com/lmhosts.htm for lmhosts information.

Once you have your resolution of choice you may want to use the global
parameter "name resolve order" to tweak Samba's performance. Since I use
a WINS server and no lmhosts files (since IP addresses are assigned
dynamically via DHCP - with lmhosts you would need static IP addresses),
a change to "name resolve order = wins host bcast" is made. Since
lmhosts will never be valid I simply drop it. And since WINS is always
dynamically updated and the best place (in my case - and virtually
anyone else who is running a WINS server) to resolve NetBIOS names I
place it first in the list.


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