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Mike Rambo mrambo at lsd.k12.mi.us
Fri Aug 2 04:44:02 GMT 2002

jamel decasseres wrote:
> Please make windows go away. I am enjoying(even the frustrations)learning linux for the first time. So many packages and features, it's crazy. I like crazy but have a request for you guys. Is it possible to provide me with some documentation as to how to configure my server to be a PDC compared to Windows 2000 Advanced Server? I am having a hard time understanding samba because of how easy it is to do this in 2000. If you could compare the 2000 server install to how Samba does it in the documentation, new Linux users would appreciate it more and feel more comfortable with do it.
> Thanks,
> Jamel
> Soho Works, Inc. CEO
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IBM has a Samba tutorial that shows how to configure Samba as a primary
domain controller.


Also, Webmin is an easy way to do many Samba administrative and set up
tasks. SWAT also seems to get high marks from many people. They both are
accessed through a web browser.

For webmin:
https://localhost:10000 (Mandrake (at least) uses this one)

For swat:

(Change localhost to the name or IP address of the box you're trying to
administrate if it is not the box you're sitting at.)

If installed you'll get a login box - login as root. Webmin (at least)
allows you to set up access for normal users after you have initially
went in as root and set them up - not sure about Swat in that regard.

Hope this helps.

Mike Rambo
mrambo at lsd.k12.mi.us

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