[Samba] SUQ: Share permissions

Goetz Rieger goetz.rieger at suse.de
Fri Aug 2 01:40:06 GMT 2002


On Thu, 1 Aug 2002 17:04:47 -0400
"Sorisio,Chris" <ChrisSorisio at PeakTechnical.com> wrote:

What permissions are given to the new directory? Do you work with
filesystem ACLs?


> Well, I want anyone to be able to write to it, but I want it to also
> obey NT ACLs.
> Example:
> I have my root share, /mnt/share/test
> Anyone should be able to create a directory under /mnt/share/test via NT
> Explorer.  However, they should also be able to lock that directory so
> that only they can delete.  I've tried to do this, and while I can block
> someone from accessing said folder, I cannot block them from deleting
> it.

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