[Samba] NetBIOS problems in presence of audio stream?

James Austin jraustin at sbcglobal.net
Thu Aug 1 15:10:06 GMT 2002

At work I have been given the task of building and testing a Samba server. 
After several days of not being able to get the server to show up in Network 
Neighborhood, I think I have discovered the problem. The business uses an 
audio stream from Live365.com, apparently that is causing the other computers 
to not see the Samba server in Network Neighborhood. Pinging the server 
proves connectivity, as does logging into the Webmin service on the machine. 
When I shut down the audio stream the Samba server almost instantly became 
available and remained available even after the audio stream was restarted (I 
tested this 3 times, all with the same result). So, it looks like it's a 
problem with identification only. My questions are:

1. Does Samba have problems in the presence of network congestion?
2. Are there any tuning tips for nmbd?
3. Any suggestions on how to get my pointy haired boss to listen to the radio 
and quit wasting bandwidth?;-)

My thanks to the list for their consideration.


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