[Samba] share not enabled after samba upgrade

Jeffrey B. Green jeff at jbgreen.com
Thu Aug 1 13:34:02 GMT 2002

Trey Nolen wrote:

>I have a Debian server running Samba that I just upgraded from Samba 2.0.X
>to 2.2.3a. All the configuration files stayed the same, but after the
>upgrade one program is giving errors.  This is a program that several people
>use at one time. After the upgrade, only one person at a time can use it at
>a time. The program gives an error that says that sharing is not enabled for
>drive F:. It says that share or vshare needs to be run in the autoexec.bat.
>All my other programs are working fine.  I tried changing oplocks to no, but
>then it wouldn't even let one person in the program (it gave the same
>error). Any ideas on what I need to change?
>Trey Nolen
I've seen and captured debugging information about this behavior under 
Debian Samba 2.2.3a(-6), and posted it to the list several weeks back. I 
changed everything I could possibly change thinking it was a 
configuration issue, with no results -- but I suspect a  locking 
function call that will eventually be discovered by someone more 
knowledgeable. I was told it was probably the kernel being too old. That 
samba server is no longer running Samba (or Linux for that matter) 
because this was a mission critical application and it just wouldn't run 
on Samba (they couldn't spend any more time testing or reconfiguring) 
where it ran fine under 2.0.8. Another server running this same 
application in another office awaits updating from Potato, but until 
this is resolved it will stay right where it is.

Jeff Green

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