[Samba] primaryGroupID Attribute in 2.2.6pre1 with ldapsam

Alexander Nimmervoll nimm at technikum-wien.at
Thu Aug 1 12:22:02 GMT 2002


I did some tests with the primaryGroupID attribute of my Samba/LDAP accounts.
When I set them to 513, which should be the default for Domain Users, I can't login 
on NT4.0 Clients (Error Code C0000078 ) but all works on Win2K and WinXP. When I
set them to 1201(I read in some howtos the formula gidnumber*2+1001) or some other value, 
login also works in WinNT. 
Finally, if I set it to 512, login works fine on all clients and the user is treated as a Domain Admin. So
whats that Error Code C0000078 on WinNT and why is primaryGroupID 513 not allowed there?

So whats the suggested default value for primaryGroupID, since I want to create all my users
manually with my own LDIF File and some Perl Scripts.


Alexander Nimmervoll

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