[Samba] FW: Print jobs hang in Samba, don't go to UNIX spooler

Windsor Dave (AdW/MOE2.1) Dave.Windsor at us.bosch.com
Thu Aug 1 08:45:02 GMT 2002

I hate to follow up on my own post, but here's an additional
bit of info:  I've tried changing the "print command" setting
in smb.conf to log the command and parameters when a job is
printed.  However, no output is ever logged; it's acting as if
the print job is being spooled but the print command isn't
being executed.  The print command I added is:

print command = echo Printing %s on %p >>/tmp/print.log; lp -c -d%p %s; rm

The /tmp dir is writeable by all.  Now when I print from a PC
or smbclient, the job is spooled, never goes to the printer
and nothing is written to the /tmp/print.log.

Dave Windsor

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Subject: Print jobs hang in Samba, don't go to UNIX spooler

I have encountered a strange printing problem with Samba 2.2.4 running under

HP-UX 11i.

In the process of investigating a printing problem, I have
found that Samba has stopped passing jobs along to the UNIX
lp spooler as of yesterday afternoon.  When NT/W2K clients
print to printers on my server, the jobs are accepted, Samba
spool files are created in the spool directory defined for
the printer (with names such as smbprn.005594.a14088), but
they never actually get printed.  The UNIX spooler is working
OK, since I can issue an "lp" command from a shell prompt and
get a printout.  Printing was working fine until just after
lunch yesterday.  Nothing has changed in the Samba or system
configuration of which I am aware.  Does anyone know what might
cause this?  I would like to find some way to restart printing
without taking all the smbd processes down, because doing
so would mean stopping production lines (we're a manufacturing

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Best regards, 

Dave Windsor
Team Leader, Test Systems Engineering
Robert Bosch Corporation
Anderson, SC, USA

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