[Samba] Win98 can't login to NT

Shekhar webmaster at viitindia.org
Thu Aug 1 02:54:02 GMT 2002

Have u created netlogon share ? If not create one which is world readable.
> I have finally talked a corporation into allowing me to introduce Unix.  I
> have used samba before, but I now have a problem.
> Some (and only some) of the windows 98 clients can no longer log into the
> domain controller.  They get the same message as if the passwd/username
> wrong.
> Here is a snip from my config file:
> os level=00
> password server=nt_box
> domain master=no
> local master=no
> Now, I would assume that the setup above would do everything to ensure
> the clients look toward the NT box no matter what, because the 00 would
> ensure that the samba server would never become the browser master.
> If I set the option 'domain logons=no', would this help any?
> Please help.  As soon as I kill SMBD, the clients then again authenticate
> nt.
> Steve Bertrand
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