[Samba] Windows 2000 permissions

James Kreuziger jkreuzig at massun.peds.mc.uci.edu
Tue Apr 30 12:44:02 GMT 2002

I know this is probably not exclusivly a samba problem,
but I'll ask anyway.  The two Win2k boxes I have don't
seem to want to participate properly in my samba domain.
I have samba installed as a PDC on a Solaris 8 box.  For
whatever reason, regular samba domain users have full
administrative access to the individual machines.  This
is not what I want.

I have one Win NT 4.0 box that doesn't have this same
problem.  It also doesn't have any special configuration,
but I need to logon as a local administrator to actually
administer the machine (add local users, install software,

If anybody has any experience in configuring Win2k properly
for use in a samba domain, please contact me.  I need to
be able to limit the administrative access to the Win2k


Jim Kreuziger
jkreuzig at uci.edu

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