[Samba] Unable to use current Primary Domain Controller

Kablaoui, Edward S. edward_s_kablaoui at md.northgrum.com
Tue Apr 30 11:53:02 GMT 2002

OS: Open BSD 2.9
Samba Version : 2.0.8

I'm trying to integrate SAMBA into an existing NT network.  The IP addresses
of each machine are as follows:

WINS  Server  : xxx.xxx.79.13
PDC               : xxx.xxx.79.27
SAMBA          : xxx.xxx.223.81
The netmask is

If I set "local master = no" and "os level = 17", the SAMBA server is no
longer seen when browsing the MyGroup workgroup from an NT machine.  I tried
to set the "domain controller = MyPDC" in the smb.conf file that came with
the distribution, but this option is not supported.  The /var/log/nmbd file
contains the error "Master Browser not found for MyGroup".  When I try to
map to the SAMBA Server in NT I get a message saying "Network Path Not

If the above options are turned off, the SAMBA Server becomes the master
browser and appears in the MyGroup workgroup and everything works fine.

I would rather have SAMBA recognize the PDC rather than becoming the master
browser.  I've also included the current smb.conf file.

I think the problem may be that the PDC is on a different subnet.

If anyone can offer an explanation and/or a possible solution, I would
greatly appreciate it.

Ed Kablaoui


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