[Samba] Multiple Samba's on same machine

Tarjei Huse tarjei at nu.no
Tue Apr 30 06:35:05 GMT 2002

Search the net for the dual samba howto. It's already there ;)

Jon Gerdes wrote:
> Mac
> Thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking in this direction - ie multiple everything.  Should be a laugh to get 90 odd interfaces worth of Samba running.  Might have to up the files-max setting in /proc though !
> I'll post a howto when I'm done, although its a bit of an esoteric setup - we really ought to be using domains for this many PCs but then we are a NetWare shop for file/print and this noncy browsing business is a bit of a side effect of the clients.  Anyway, you do it because you can !
> Cheers
> Jon Gerdes
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> >So:  Can I run multiple s/nmbd's on the same machine?
> Yes.
> There's two basic ways of doing it (AFAIK).
> One) have multiple smb.conf's each with:-
>         interfaces = <one-interface>
> and     bind interfaces only = true
> in each, and star them all with 'smbd -s ......'
> THe oterh technique relies on your clients using different names to
> connect to the server, and then you use a single smb.conf (and start
> smbd only once) like ths:-
>         netbios aliases = name1 name2
>         include = %L.conf
> and then you have a series of config files (called name1.conf,
> name2.conf) with different settings in each.
> In all of this, watch that your log (and locks) directories don't trip
> over each other in unexpected ways.
> Also be aware that nmbd doesn't cope with being a MB for multiple
> workgroups, you will need multiple nmbds for that (AFAIK).
> [I've never used either of these techniques, but they've both been
> mentioned in the past by happy users]
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