[Samba] Multiple Samba's on same machine

Jon Gerdes gerdesj at whl.co.uk
Tue Apr 30 05:28:02 GMT 2002


Thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking in this direction - ie multiple everything.  Should be a laugh to get 90 odd interfaces worth of Samba running.  Might have to up the files-max setting in /proc though !

I'll post a howto when I'm done, although its a bit of an esoteric setup - we really ought to be using domains for this many PCs but then we are a NetWare shop for file/print and this noncy browsing business is a bit of a side effect of the clients.  Anyway, you do it because you can !

Jon Gerdes

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>Subject: [Samba] Multiple Samba's on same machine
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>So:  Can I run multiple s/nmbd's on the same machine?


There's two basic ways of doing it (AFAIK).

One) have multiple smb.conf's each with:-

	interfaces = <one-interface>
and	bind interfaces only = true

in each, and star them all with 'smbd -s ......'

THe oterh technique relies on your clients using different names to
connect to the server, and then you use a single smb.conf (and start
smbd only once) like ths:-

	netbios aliases = name1 name2
	include = %L.conf

and then you have a series of config files (called name1.conf,
name2.conf) with different settings in each.

In all of this, watch that your log (and locks) directories don't trip
over each other in unexpected ways.

Also be aware that nmbd doesn't cope with being a MB for multiple
workgroups, you will need multiple nmbds for that (AFAIK).

[I've never used either of these techniques, but they've both been
mentioned in the past by happy users]

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