[Samba] Multiple Samba's on same machine

Jon Gerdes gerdesj at whl.co.uk
Tue Apr 30 05:00:03 GMT 2002

I have tried hunting through docs/lists/Google but no joy. I am sure I saw something about running multiple Samba's on different ports but I want to use different interfaces all on port 139. 

So:  Can I run multiple s/nmbd's on the same machine?

I have nine main VLANs and somewher in the region of 30 odd worgroups (don't ask !) of which 10 are of interest. 3,500 odd PCs.  I have a Linux box with all nine VLANs on it and I can easily add more IP addresses per VLAN using aliasing.  It has 18 addresses at the moment.

The idea was to make this thing a browse master for all VLANs/workgroups.  This should ease the amount of master browser elections etc etc we see and also effectivly give cross subnet browsing for all workgroups.

I think it *should* be possible.  I am having a go anyway with two lots of everything.  ie 2 smb.conf's and pid files etc etc.

If it is not possible, I would be gratefull if someone could point this out before I lose hair over it.  A simple yes or no should do the trick.

Jon Gerdes

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