[Samba] PDC

Ayman M. Galal agalal at moheet.com
Tue Apr 30 04:16:01 GMT 2002

Hello All,

I'm just newbie in Samab ,I want to replace my Windows2000 server with Samba server .
But i get read some papers on the Internet that said that samba cann't work as PDC like windows 2000 so the developer made Samba TNG but that project delayed and may be stop.

What i want to know is there any body use samba as PDC like windows 2000 and have workstation(win9x,windows 2000 professioal and windows2000 server Clients)Access it.

Also is there away to replace DFS in windows 2000 server with some thing else in Samba or Linux.

I will be thanks for help.

Ayman M. Galal
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