[Samba] Samba 2.2.3a nmbd failures

MarshallJ at switch.aust.com MarshallJ at switch.aust.com
Mon Apr 29 19:07:02 GMT 2002

> Since upgrading to 2.2.3a, however, we've experienced problems with 
> It'll work fine for a couple of days, and will then stop responding to
> logins; clients just get an error message saying that no server is 
> to authenticate the logon. Killing the nmbd process and restarting it 
> recovers the situation. The nmbd log file (log level 2) doesn't appear 
> offer much clue; it lists the processing of a logon normally, without
> mentioning any problems.

This is most likely fixed in CVS (I saw a patch about WINS registration on 
this list)

I had this same problem for quite a while, and found that the WINS entry 
for the samba PDC was being removed. To get around the problem without 
patching, I suggest you edit /etc/hosts and add an entry for the netbios 
name of your PDC and it's network address. I found that my system had PDC 
set to, which told the clients to try to authenticate to 
themselves, which what was failing.

Josh Marshall.

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