[Samba] Printing troubles

Damian Gerow damian at sentex.net
Mon Apr 29 08:23:06 GMT 2002

At 11:10 AM 4/29/2002, Van Sickler, Jim wrote:
>Do you also have LPRng installed on this box?  Did you have to
>reinstall it?  If so, look to see if the links between
>lpr, lpd, lpc, lprm, etc. in the LPRng install dir
>(/usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin on my OBSD box) and
>/usr/bin, /usr/sbin.  If they weren't, I think you get
>similar problems.

I probably should have posted this to the list, but upgrading to the latest 
CVS code fixed the trouble.

Before I sent anything to the samba group, I went from LPRng to straight 
lpd to CUPS back to LPRng, checking binaries and purging all configuration 
between every change.

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