[Samba] FREEBSD Samba Oplocks

John Schmerold John at katy.com
Sun Apr 28 09:34:02 GMT 2002

We installed an Intel Netserver at a client site.  They are having
application problems that I'm attributing to file lock problems, so I'd like
to turn off any OPLOCK options in SMB.CONF

It uses FREEBSD 2.02 & SMB services.  I thought SMB was provided by SAMBA.
I telnetted into the box & could not find a smb.conf file.  I found 2
services that are running:  smbsvc & smbtracer.  Anyone have an idea
regarding how to make oplocks change, or what could be causing problems with
a BDE based database & this configuration?

I believe following information may be helpful:
laguna# cat /etc/rc | grep smb
if [ -f /sbin/smbsvc ]
        echo -n 'starting smbsvc:'
        /usr/sbin/smbtracer -cons off
        /usr/sbin/smbtracer -store off
laguna# /usr/sbin/smbtracer -x
Super SMB Utility (v5.1)
usage: smbtracer commands...
       -s mask [mask..]  stuff a new mask
       -c mask [mask..]  clear a mask
       Masks: err  task  smb    recv trans resp send  wrtr
              file file2 sec    perf raw   lock dir   close
              cfg  q     shut   misc cli   pwd  sched r4
              mgt  force kcdsio warn nfs   sock buf   mem
       -cons on|off      turns on/off console tracing
       -store on|off     turns on/off tracing to file
       -ram size|0       turns on/off tracing to RAM (size in MB)
       -dram [-size]     display RAM trace buffer (-size display backup)
       -cram             reset and clear RAM trace buffer
       -mem model        set memory model(0=debug, 1=product)
       -gs [cont]        get SMB statistics (continous option)
       -gsvc             get SMB services information
       -bpt [host|addr]  force breakpoint into debugger

       -fs               force shutdown
       -fsm mode         force security mode
       -fsug adminPwd    force sync user+group from PDC

       -db 0xMask        backdoor to set database trace filter


laguna# /usr/sbin/smbtracer -gs
SMB SubSystem Statistics (v3.0):
   total bytes allocated:    2834342              memory model: prod
   no. of SMBALLOC fails:          0           total no. files: 0
   total no. connections:          1    closed err connections: 0
   times notified by TCP:        175           keep alive sent: 4
      times Receiver ran:    3381047         no. received msgs: 156
          times Proc ran:        156    times pwServer woke up: 1
  pass-thru users loaded:          0   pass-thru groups loaded: 0
         no. of FS reads:          0            KBytes FS read: 0
        no. of FS writes:          0           KBytes FS write: 0
     no. of socket Xmits:          0       no. of socket Recvs: 0
     no. of smbblk alloc:          0        no. of free smbblk: 40
      alloc smbblk fails:          0
SMBTracer Done.

laguna# /usr/sbin/smbtracer -gsvc
SMB Services Information:
   service number: [       0]
  share attribute:          0     service name: <IPC$>
       properties: 0x       5             path: </jfs/smb/tmp>
   service number: [       1]
  share attribute:          1     service name: <Private>
       properties: 0x       0             path: </mnt/vol1/private>
   service number: [       2]
  share attribute:          2     service name: <Public>
       properties: 0x       2             path: </mnt/vol1/Public>
   service number: [       3]
  share attribute:          0     service name: <vol1$>
       properties: 0x       0             path: </mnt/vol1>
   service number: [       4]
  share attribute:          2     service name: <data>
       properties: 0x       2             path: </mnt/vol1/data>
SMBTracer Done.

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