[Samba] Windows Printers GUI = Failed to open, retrying

Pierre Belanger pbelang1 at oss.cantel.rogers.com
Sat Apr 27 17:02:02 GMT 2002


Does anyone know how to fix this annoying Windows Printing GUI
reporting "Failed to open, retrying"? It does this under NT and
2000. Haven't tried 95/98 and XP.  I am running 2.2.4-pre .

This is only happening when there is at least 1 job in the printer's
queue... and the GUI is not even showing the jobs in the queue. When
there's no job in the queue, it works fine :(

        public = Yes
        guest ok = No
        writable = Yes
        create mask = 0600
        use client driver = Yes
        comment = All Printers
        path = /var/spool/samba
        printable = Yes
        browseable = Yes

Thank you,
Pierre B

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