[Samba] Unable to load interpriter /lib/ld-linux.so.1

Seiichi Nakashima nakasima at kumin.ne.jp
Sat Apr 27 04:02:02 GMT 2002


I use slackware-3.9 + linux-2.0.40-rc4 + samba-2.2.3a for testing.
I have a problem to use samba program from win2000.
I do not use ms-domain, only use workgroup.

I executed tests, and found reappearance.
I used two PC, one is linux-box ( kernel-2.0.40-rc4 ), another is Win2000.

(1) reboot both PCs.
(2) Win2000 PC, I viewed /home/nakasima/slackware/slackware-current at Win2000 exploer
    from linux samba's files.
(3) 5 minutes late, "Unable to load interpriter /lib/ld-linux.so.1" displayed linux-box console,
    Win2000 exploer was viewed gray out. and every 5 minutes, this messages displayed linux-box console.
    I checked these messages at 4 times ( about 20 minutes ).
(4) I could not control linux box( example, boot, ctrl-alt-del ), so I reset PC to use h/w reset switch.

and I check linux kernel version that is linux-2.0.39, 2.0.40-pre2,pre3,rc1,rc2,rc3.
but nearly same problem occured ( a little different ).

next I check linux kernel and samba version.

I tested. 

(1) linux-2.0.39 + samba-2.2.3a ==> problem
(2) linux-2.0.39 + samba-2.2.1a ==> non-problem
(3) linux-2.0.40-rc4 + samba-2.2.3a ==> problem
(4) linux-2.0.40-rc4 + samba-2.2.2  ==> problem
(5) linux-2.0.40-rc4 + samba-2.2.1a ==> non-problem

So I think that samba-2.2.2 higher has problem.
I sendmail to samba-ml.

  Seiichi Nakashima
  Email   nakasima at kumin.ne.jp

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