[samba] calculate memory and cpu use

Jason Stewart jstewart at rtl.org
Fri Apr 26 09:19:04 GMT 2002

Please ask a more specific question (and ask once!), and you will receive a 
specific answer. For now, all I can really tell you is to use your Operating 
System's utilities like top, vmstat, sar, ps, and the like to measure out 
system resource consumption yourself.


On Friday 26 April 2002 11:20 am, Fabien.LIOU at fr.thalesgroup.com wrote:
> Hello,
> How can i measure the consumption of samba's processes (backgroung
> processes and user's connections) ?
> I need to evaluate this to specify cpu and ram values
> Thanks
> Fabien LIOU
> Thales Communications

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