[Samba] Group policy for Win2K/XP

Scott Shackelford scott at customtransport.com
Fri Apr 26 07:48:03 GMT 2002

  With SAMBA 2.x.x you can use the Policy Editor from NT 4.0
There are all kinds of ADM files out there to control about 95% of what you
can control in AD

Like NT 4.0 Server save the .pol (That's a policy file) and NTconfig.pol and
place that in a netlogin share on you SAMBA server. Make sure you have a
share like this in you smb.conf file

        path = /usr/local/samba/netlogon

Here are a few sites that have lots of ADM files and even the Policy Editor
itself at. (BTW, the policy editor can also be found on the windows 98 CD in
admin\tools I believe)

http://www.elkantler.net/security/security.htm has some good ADM templates.
Geared towards 9x/ME but most will work for it. The Office 2k templates are

http://www.thethin.net/tsdownload.cfm has some good 2k policy templates
designed for then clients but work very well

http://www.worldofasp.com/ts/download.cfm is another goodie

   -Scott Shackelford
    Custom Transport Systems

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Has anyone looked in to domain policy for Win2K/XP machines from a SAMBA
controlled domain?

I have played around with these policies from within a Win2K AD-domain, and
wondered if I can carry my policies over to a SAMBA domain.

Any info, or reference to relevent documentation is appreciated.

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