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David McBride DMcBride at ctwenterprises.com
Fri Apr 26 06:42:20 GMT 2002

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On Thu, 2002-04-25 at 17:41, David McBride wrote:
> I have got my Samba file shareing to work, now I can not seem to get the
> permissions worked out like I would like.
> I would like admin and joe to have read and write access to all 4 folders.
> When I try to write to any folder except admin logged in as admin I can
> write.
you need to join admin and joe to the smbusers group 
and set the permissions on user1 and user2 to at least 775
for that to happen. 
Does this mean add them to the admins group?  I have already done that, if
it means something different can you please give more detailed explanation.

I think that is an unusual configuration though - most users have
exclusive write access to their home dirs (only root can also write
This unusual config may be because Im looking at things from a windoze
network poing of view.  Take a small office situation for example: an office
manager and some workers.  The workers need only access to thier
directories, but the office manage may need to save files for the workers to
correct or retype or what ever.
What would be the prefered way of setting groups and permissions for a
situation loke this?

you could make joe and admin admin users using the
admin users directive

> Can some one direct me to a detailed document on how Linux handles file
> permissions or the best way to do samba fiel permissions.
samba file perms ARE linux file permissionns (unless you are using ACLs)
have a look at
> BTW why does directory . and .. have different permissions?
because . refers to "this" directory
and .. refers to the one above "this" one.
and they may have different permissions

> Users: admin, joe, user1, user2
> Groups:admins, joe
> Smbusers:user01, user02
> Group membership:admins-admin, joe   smbusers-user01, user02
> File permissions of data directory:
> drwxrwxrwx	root	root		.
> drwxr  xr  x	root	root		..
> drwxr  xr  x	admin	admins		admin
> drwxr  xr  x	joe	admins		joe
> drwxr  xr  x	user1	smbusers	user1
> drwxr  xr  x	user2	smbusers	user2
something is wrong with these - too many spaces
between r and x for group and other.
I just did that to make all the columbs line up.


Thanks again,

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