[Samba] 2.2.4pre/cvs kills PDC SID - still problems

Martin Thomas mthomas at rhrk.uni-kl.de
Thu Apr 25 21:15:09 GMT 2002


Did a cvs checkout, 'make distclean' etc. At least for
the 3 larger test-profiles I do not see the error anymore.
I switched the main production server to 2.2.4pre now, so my
colleagues will do some "testing" tomorrow morning.
I will send you an e-mail if there are still problems.

Before the release of 2.2.4: could you please add some
topics to the documentation - excuse me if this is
already mentioned, but I did not find it.

(a) some people (10?) asked me about a mail I've send to
the list back in the 2.2.1 days. My problems where 
not caused by Samba but it seems that profile-handling
for W2k clients with a samba server reveals network
problems (hardware or router/switch settings) which
are never noticed with *nix alone (reports came from 
Linux, HPUX and AIX users). I suggested to check
the network and at least 6 people found broken
NICs, Switches or wrong router configurations.

Suggestion: "If you see error messages like
'network name is no longer available' or 'error during transfer
of a memory page' check your network-hardware and settings"
I don't know the right translations, in german the messages are:
"Der Netzwerkname is nicht laenger verfuegbar" and
"Fehler beim Einlagern einer Speicherseite"

(b) Is 'File- and Printsharing' required on the W2K clients?
I had strange errors here, Word 2000 crashed with data loss,
when my colleagues tried to print on a Samba-managed printer.
The smbd.log showed something like 'not listening for calling name'
as last line before the client crash. Printer Drivers are installed
locally, no drivers on the server, no 'use client driver' or
'disable spools support' in smb.conf. The document was
opened from a samba share, after the crash, the document
was completely broken, an the first characters where entries
that normally occur in log.smbd files.

Suggestion: "Be shure not to disable File- and Printsharing
on W2K clients or there is a risk of windows application crashes"

... ok, this is an exaggeration, but since File- and Printsharing
is enabled again, there where no more problems with 
applications here. But now the administrator (me) worries about
security. I would like to give you level 10 logs, but I can
not reproduce the error in a test-environment, and waiting
until a colleague has problems again would cause trouble.
I never had problems with Win9X clients although File- and
Printersharing is disabled on all of them. Since printer
handling is still 'old-style' with Win9X as far as I understand,
the reason might have been the new printer-code for W2K/NT.

(c) what is the right mask to "veto dot-files", 
"hide dot files" is ok, but some file-managing-tools have the
'show hidden files' option switched on by default.
This confused the 'non-unix' people and made
directory listings longer than necessary. I tried
veto files = .* which worked with versions before 2.2.2 (?)
but does not work anymore, maybe because "." and ".." are
handled different since then.
veto files =/.enl*/.x*/.X*/.s*/.n*/.m*/.k*/.h*/.g*/.z*/.w*/.u*/.s*/.p*/.b*/[...]
works but is "ugly".

Suggestion: "To completely hide dot files form the windows
users add ??? to you smb.conf. Clients will not see this
files although options like 'show hidden files' in the gui
or 'dir /ah' in the shell are used"

(d) Is there any influence between 'nt acl support' in the profile 
share and the locally cached profiles. Will a profile that
was downloaded form the Samba-server with acl support
enabled be synced if the acl support is disabled lateron and
vice versa. Is it recommended to delete all cached profiles
after changing the acl support option? I switched off
acl-support during the tests, can I go back to default
(on) without problems. Profiles are stored on the 
samba-machine not on a NT-Server.

Good luck for the release.
Thanks to you and the team for the great work.


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: On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Martin Thomas wrote:
: > Just did a CVS update and tried the new code. It seems that the pdc-sid
: > is now handled correctly, login and login-script work, Loginserver is
: > the samba-PDC. But profiles can not be downloaded - Errormessage on the
: > W2Ksp2-client is something like 'Network name no longer existing'.  
: > 2.2.3a works, 2.2.4-CVS not. Did not change anything else than restoring
: > the old MACHINE.SID and a 'make revert'. I can give more information,
: > later this week, don't have the time for further analyses right now.
: > Thanks for the fix, but somethink still is wrong with the CVS-code (or
: > my configuration - any changes needed in the smb.conf for 2.2.4?).
: Martin, 
: Can you get a level 10 debug log for this failure?  I can produce no 
: profile related problems from a Win2k SP2 or NT 4.0 SP6a client.
: We want to do the 2.2.4 release "very soon now" (TM) so any help in 
: clearing this up would be a big help.  Thanks.
: cheers, jerry
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