[Samba] Samba over Distributed File Systems

martin at sbirmc.ac.uk martin at sbirmc.ac.uk
Thu Apr 25 15:23:48 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I'm sorry to say I'm not about to tell y'all how I did it, how it worked for me, or how you too 
can be rich like me. I haven't, it hasn't, and I'm not.

I'd like to give it a go, though. Has anyone experience over running Samba on top of a 
distributed file system like CODA or Intermezzo?

The institution I work for has a number of large busy sites across a city, linked by 2Mbps 
leased lines ( we may be improving these soon, but not by enough ). Any of our users can 
log in from any computer on any site and see everything the same. But when stuff gets 
busy, file access from our central filestore is slowing down. Badly.

I'd like to run a Intermezzo server on the central filestore, and a client on our site filestores, 
with samba serving user files from a mount on the Intermezzo filesystem.

Has anybody made this work? Or know of a good reason why it shouldn't? Or want to offer 
me a job that doesn't burn my brain all the time?

Martin Whinnery

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