[Samba] smbsh and binary package on Solaris 8

Nazila Mofrad nazilamofrad at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 25 13:10:02 GMT 2002


I'm a newbie to Samba. I installed Samba-2.2.2 binary
package on a Solaris 8 system (Sparc). I don't have
any GCC on the system. The only compilers on the
systems are the ones that come with ForteC++
(SUNWspro). Now I need to know if smbsh/smbwrapper
comes with this package and if not so, how can I have
it on Solaris without having to compile source codes
(I tried it too, but it failed at running configure, I
guess because of lacking of proper compiler). 

Thanks in advance, every little help would be

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