[Samba] (no subject) [ ... CorelDraw v9.0 can't open file]

Richard Hellier rlh at lsil.com
Thu Apr 25 07:04:01 GMT 2002

	This may be completely unrelated but some while back
I tried to install Coreldraw onto a samba share and although
I could "see" the installation process scrolling through the
list of filenames (and folders), when the installation was done
all that was on the UNIX (samba) side was a "skeleton" consisting
of empty folders (i.e. all the files had "vanished").

	As I say, clutching at straws, but maybe there's something
"samba-hostile" in the way c/d reads / writes files?

Good Luck!


Gerald Carter wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Andrey Chichak wrote:
> > Good day!
> > Can anybody help with such problem :
> > CorelDraw v9.0 can't open file located on samba share from file open dialog.
> > Dbl click in explorer open file without problems.
> >
> > part of the log :
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