[Samba] cross-subnets problem

Horvath Attila ahorvath at mailbox.hu
Thu Apr 25 03:35:02 GMT 2002


I need help in a (for me) quite special problem.

My subnet is quite normal: physically a star, with the central point as
a gateway to the internet.

There are three "C" subnets on this net. Lets say:

The gateway is a linux-based server. Its  inner interface (eth1) has
three ip addresses:

Samba (the latest) is running on the gateway. We have no NT-based
servers. has a workgroup called TEK. They want to manage their own
reverse-dns, that's why the whole madness started. has another workgroup called SZISZ. has two workgroups: RADAY, FOLDES.

Samba is configured to use three virtual interfaces: eth1, eth1:0,
eth1:2. I want Samba to synchronize the browse lists among the
workgroups' master browsers.

I have been playing with wins for some time now, and i realised some
interesting things:

- nmbd is providing wins. It collects the netbios_name ip_address pairs
from all subnets
- samba is master browser for RADAY, but not Domain browser.
In windows, you cannot see the workgroups though, the remote browse sync
option is set. If I enter the \netbios_name command, i can browse the
service list of netbios_name machine (any machine on any subnet), though
it cannot be seen in the browse list.

- If Domain browser option for samba is set, wins doesn't work. The
workgoups can be seen, but all of them are empty except RADAY.

How can i set samba to provide full browse lists to all workstations?

Thanx a lot!

Attila Horvath

http://www.mailbox.hu - Mert levelezni kell...

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